Terms and Conditions

The information contained on this web site including the points test calculator is only intended to provide an initial indication of your visa eligibility and should not be applied to an individual case. This does not guarantee any outcome in relation to any visa application you may lodge in the future.

As Australian Immigration law is subject to regular legislative and other practical changes you need to complete the online assessement and/or engage our services to enable one of our Registered Migration Agents to provide a comprehensive assessment of your personal situation. Further analysis is required by one of our Registered Migration Agents to determine your suitability for a visa, particularly in relation to English Language ability, family or state/ territory sponsorship and/ or your suitability for an occupation you select (if appropriate for your visa type).

If you wish to obtain a comprehensive assessment of your eligibility for migration to Australia, you should complete one of the Assessment and/or send us a message via Contact us.

Please be aware that to comply with Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) regulations, you are required to read the document titled Information on the Regulation of the Migration Advice Profession. This document will also be provided to you when engaging our services.